Baby Swaddle Star Wrap


Provide your kids with a good night’s sleep by using our unique Baby Swaddle Wrap that keeps your little ones warm and comfortable when they sleep. These sleeping bags amazingly maintain your baby’s temperature and prevent them from kicking off a blanket while sleeping.  A safer alternative to traditional sheets and blankets. The ideal next step when your baby starts wriggling out of their swaddles and moving more in their sleep. It not only calms and soothes your baby but also helps your baby sleep longer.


  • Reduce wakeups from the baby being cold
  • Promotes peaceful sleep
  • Ensure the baby sleeps safely
  • Easy to use
  • Provide comfort and warmth 


    • Material: Cotton / Bamboo Fiber
    • Size: 75*65cm
    • Pattern Type: Patchwork
    • Age Group: Babies
    • Newborn Stretch Wrap: Baby Swaddle Blanket